We are a community-led, voluntary, not-for-profit group, established in 2014.  This website is entirely funded and maintained by volunteers.

Our mission is to create a social movement that mobilizes all sections of the community. We want to challenge the myths and stigma around dementia, increase awareness and understanding, support and promote social inclusion, and most importantly give a voice to people with dementia and their carers so their needs can be fully recognized and the appropriate support offered.

A Dementia Friendly Community is made up of the whole community - shop assistants, public service workers, faith groups, businesses, police, fire and ambulance staff, bus drivers, school pupils, clubs and societies, and community leaders - people who are committed to working together to help those living with dementia to remain part of their community.

This involves everyone having a greater awareness and understanding of dementia and doing very simple and practical things to accommodate it in everyday life.  In turn, this then gives people with dementia as much independence and dignity as possible whilst supporting them and their carers to live well and contribute to the community.



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  • Thank you Gaynor from Egypt , I hope there are some gentle peoples like you in my country and i hope to see this event happen in egypt.
  • Thank you Gaynor from Sydney, Australia! What is happening in Sydney? Best wishes Brecon DFC
  • Let’s make EVERY community as dementia-friendly – well done Brecon for showing us the way! Gaynor, from Sydney, Australia