A Dementia Friend's Inspiring Story

We wanted to share this inspiring story with you, courtesy of the Alzheimer's Society Dementia Friends' Newsletter.  The story comes from a Dementia Friend who attended a session run by Champion Sara Moreland.

'Over the weekend I went for a walk along the country lanes around the area where I live. During my walk I bumped into an elderly woman who asked me the way to get to Barming. At the time we were in East Farleigh, which is about a 20 minute walk at a brisk pace from Barming. I chatted with the woman and, based on the Session you gave us a while ago, I recognised that she may have dementia. I was not convinced she would be able to make it home on her own so I offered to escort her home. Fortunately she could remember her address so we set off and chatted as we walked.

The bookcase analogy you gave in the Session really helped me to understand her changing ability to remember where we were going and other events of her life. She could remember when she was born but not her age (89 years), she could remember her children, but also at times said that her father would be along shortly to give her a lift to school.

I think the Session you gave really helped me to recognise that this woman needed help and to understand how to help her and I can really see how Sessions like this could create a more dementia-friendly environment.'

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