Thursday, 7th September Brecon Guildhall

On Thursday 7th September at 6pm we are launching the Brecon Business Dementia Alliance, (BBDA), in the Brecon Guildhall.

Lots of businesses in Brecon have already committed to becoming Dementia Friendly and we're hoping that more will sign-up, and that they will all become more proactive in making their businesses truly Dementia Friendly.

Sharon Ford, Learning Manager, (Health & Wellbeing), with the National Museum of Wales has agreed to lead a workshop looking at how businesses can take positive steps to make their premises/their business environment more welcoming and safe for people living with dementia, (PLWD). Sharon has done a great deal of work within the museum, including introducing a Dementia Friendly Big Pit tour.

We will have some local people who are living with dementia and their family carers there to talk about what helps them/what causes them problems, and the manager of a local pub will speak about how addressing these issues can actually benefit local businesses.

We've invited shops, banks, solicitors, estate agents, pubs, cafes, pharmacies............. the list goes on, so fingers crossed that we have a good turnout for the launch.

If any Champions from other areas, or any other interested parties would like to come along you'd be more than welcome, so maybe I'll see some of you on Thursday.

Joan Brown, Chair- Brecon Area Dementia Friendly Community

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