Brecon Library signs up to help make Brecon a 'Dementia Friendly Community'

Brecon Library has signed up to making Brecon a ‘Dementia Friendly Community’.   The library has officially registered its commitment to treat customers who may be living with dementia, as well as those looking after them, with understanding, dignity and respect.

"By becoming a member of Brecon Dementia Action Alliance, we want to join up with other organisations, groups and individuals in the town, and do our bit to help make Brecon a dementia friendly community," said Library Service Manager, Vicki Workman.

The library can help by offering an understanding and friendly staff, as well as a quiet and safe environment for people living with the condition, and their carers. Often, carers feel trapped and vulnerable themselves, which is why Powys Library Service wants to send out a clear message to anyone associated with Dementia that we are here as ‘friends’, whilst providing resources that might help them to understand and cope better.

Councillor Brown- cabinet member for Library Services Powys said:-

"Dementia is a very real problem within our community and many people may be touched by it in their lives. Perhaps someone you know may live with the condition or you know someone who is caring for a loved one. As a supportive community we can ‘watch out’ for each other and extend our role by helping to raise awareness. We all have a role to play - including the library which is often a useful ‘hub’ to many people in our communities."

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