Dementia Friendly Communities Feature in Ageing Well in Wales programme

The Ageing Well in Wales Programme was launched in October 2014 as a five year partnership of national and local government and major public and third sector agencies in Wales. The Programme is hosted and chaired by the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales.

The first programme of its kind in the UK, the Ageing Well in Wales Programme contributes to and complements the Welsh Government’s Strategy for Older People (Phase 3) 2013-2023. 

The Programme’s overall aim is to ensure that within Wales there is an improvement in the wellbeing of people aged 50+.

The Programme has 5 networks:

Age Friendly Communities

Dementia Supportive Communities

Falls Prevention

Opportunities for Learning and Employment

Loneliness and Isolation

Each network has a dedicated lead expert and advisory group that will help to identify and champion action to underpin and achieve its aims and priorities.

We have included Dementia Supportive Communities as part of Ageing Well in Wales in response to the growing number of people affected by Dementia in Wales. In 2013 there was an estimated 45,529 people living with dementia in Wales, of those people, only 17,661 had received a formal diagnosis. By 2021 it is estimated that over 55,000 people in Wales will have dementia18. Developing dementia supportive communities is crucial to the wellbeing of older people, especially the thousands of people living with dementia, regardless of official diagnosis, and the people around them that are also affected.

Ageing Well in Wales is extremely pleased to have Rhiannon Davies from Brecon Dementia Friendly Community on the Expert Advisory Group for our Dementia Supportive Communities network, sharing the invaluable knowledge and experience she has gained developing the DFC in Brecon.

For more information on Ageing Well in Wales please visit or contact us at [email protected] to join a network.



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