Dementia Meeting Centre for Brecon?

Some months ago, the Brecon Area Dementia Friendly Community hosted a workshop focused on Dementia Meeting Centres. These innovative centres have existed for some time in the Netherlands and two are now operational in England, in Droitwich Spa and Leominster.

The well-attended workshop was a great success and it was followed-up during the recent Dementia Awareness Week with a public meeting to explore the possibility of establishing a Dementia Meeting Centre here in Brecon.

The public meeting was attended by over 30 people and Dr Shirley Evans from Worcester University and Hilary Mansell, carer and volunteer in Droitwich Spa, delivered presentations highlighting the steps required to open a meeting centre, the benefits to people with dementia and their families and carers, and the funding needed to make it possible. 

The majority of people who attended the meeting indicated that they are in favour of a Dementia Meeting Centre being set-up in Brecon and most committed to offering support in helping this initiative come to fruition.

The next step is to form an Initiative Group to start the planning process and to lead up to bidding for funds in order to make a Brecon Dementia Meeting Centre a reality. Anybody interested in getting involved in this exciting and innovative initiative should contact either of the co-chairs of Brecon Area DFC:

Rhiannon Davies: [email protected] / 07940 961006

Joan Brown: [email protected] / 07533768575

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