Dyfed-Powys Police Force Leads the Way

Pioneered by Inspector Brian Jones. Dyfed- Powys Police Force has been exemplary in the way it has supported the Dementia-friendly community initiative; achieving a number of ‘firsts’.

  • November 2013, first organisation in Wales to host a Dementia Friends session run by Rhiannon Davies for the Powys Confidence and Equality group
  • April 2014, Inspector Jones becomes one of the first Dementia Friends Champions in Wales
  • June 2014, first organisation to become part of Brecon Dementia Action Alliance
  • October 2014, first organisation to produce an Action Plan and become officially recognised by the Alzheimer’s Society as Working to become Dementia-friendly


Over the past two years, additional police officers within Dyfed-Powys, principally PCSOs, have trained as Dementia Friends Champions and, under the Force Embracing Diversity Board, three pledges are been recommended:

1.       To identify further Dementia Friends Champions within the organisation who can be trained to deliver the Dementia Friends sessions to staff and officers.

2.       To roll out Dementia Friends Awareness sessions across the Force, and encourage all those who become Dementia Friends to wear the ‘forget me not’ badges.

3.       To raise awareness within the Force of the impact of dementia on policing, and ensure that increased awareness informs policy and procedures.

A fourth pledge: for local Neighbourhood Policing Teams to engage and support local Dementia groups is under consideration.

Currently, Dyfed-Powys Police Force is about to start the annual Hate Crime Support Officers training. Each officer will receive the Dementia Friends input so they are able to offer greater support to victims of such hostility.

In addition, the Dyfed-Powys Missing Person Search team is considering adopting the Herbert Protocol, https://www.gwent.police.uk/news/article/article/gwent-partners-will-use-herbert-protocol-to-help-locate-people-with-dementia-who-go-missing/!

 A very big thank you to everyone involved, and particularly Inspector Brian Jones for his enthusiasm, commitment and vision, which we know has also influenced other Police Forces in Wales to become Dementia-friendly.

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