Intergenerational Project - Remembering Haydn Davies

The inter-generational project involving Llanfaes C.P. School and Trenewydd Care Home has been running for almost two years. During the life of the project very real friendships have been formed and affection has grown between all involved and when, as is inevitable one of our friends dies, we feel a real and genuine sadness. Never has this been felt more deeply than when Haydn Davies passed away suddenly on 18th February 2017.

Haydn moved into Trenewydd shortly after our project started and very quickly became a firm favourite of us all. He was kind and gentle, had a great sense of humour and the most infectious chuckle! Haydn loved the children visiting and his face would light up every Thursday as we arrived. He thoroughly enjoyed every activity we did and took part in everything, although one of his favourites was doing jigsaws with the children. 

We enjoyed his company as much as he enjoyed ours, and it was a real pleasure to listen to his tales of farming life, especially about driving and mending tractors. It was as a result of a suggestion from Haydn that we are planning to do some life story work with the residents, and although we are really sad that the children won't be able to record Haydn's memories, we will dedicate this part of the project to him. We all feel grateful and honoured to have known Haydn;  he was a very special person and we will treasure our memories of him.


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