Intergenerational Project Update

The intergenerational project between Llanfaes CP School and Trenewydd care home continues to flourish and is enjoyed and valued by everyone involved. Due to the weather, it hasn’t been possible to work on the garden during recent months, however, a wide range of other activities have enabled the children and residents to work together, to chat and laugh, and to genuinely enjoy each others’ company.

The activities undertaken towards the end of 2015 included carving pumpkins for Halloween, painting pictures of fireworks for Guy Fawkes and making ‘bird balls’ and Christmas decorations. Every activity involves the children and residents doing things together, and they all had a great time with these challenges.

More below and photographs!

The last session of the year was party time! The children made a beautiful card for their Trenewydd friends and sang Christmas songs and carols, and many of the residents sang along. Needless to say there were treats and cakes and everyone had a wonderful time.

Since the beginning of the current term we’ve had several sessions painting bird boxes, which really brought out the creative side in children and residents alike, and each completed box was signed by the child and resident involved. We also had a session playing board games, which was great fun with lots of excitement and plenty of competition!

The latest session was attended by a journalist from BBC Radio Wales, who was amazed to see the very real relationships that exist between the children and residents. The focus of the session was World War 2, and Brecon Museum very kindly loaned us some WW2 artefacts and the photographic exhibition of ‘Old Brecon’, recently displayed in the library. The artefacts and facsimile newspapers triggered memories for lots of the residents and prompted them to talk about their experiences during the war, which was fascinating and really informative for the children. The photographs were also of real interest, especially the wedding photo of Ethel, one of our very good friends in Trenewydd, who celebrated her 100th birthday last year. The session ended on a high with everyone singing WW2 songs, which was lovely and at the same time very poignant.

Everybody enjoys the activities and we’re all looking forward to some better weather in order to get started on the garden again, however, the most important and valued aspect of this project is undoubtedly the relationships that have formed between the children and residents. Every single year 6 pupil loves going to Trenewydd, and the residents seem to come to life when we arrive. The children are respectful and patient with their Trenewydd friends, who absolutely love their company and look forward to Thursdays with enthusiasm.

This project has become an integral part of life in both Llanfaes and Trenewydd and everyone has benefitted in many ways from being involved.






















































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