Mid and West Wales Fire Service

Mid & West Wales Fire & Rescue Service.

When a fire breaks out it spreads so quickly that by the time the Fire and Rescue Service arrives it is often too late. The same can be said for Road Traffic Collisions, once the collision has occurred the damage has been done. The most effective way of protecting people from the effects of accidents and emergencies is to prevent the incidents happening in the first place.

As a Fire & Rescue Service we therefore focus on giving free safety education to all members of the public.

Our preventative activities are based upon the type of incidents we attended, the five main categories are:

 • Home Safety

• Schools Education

• Road Safety

• Youth Engagement

• Arson

We are especially looking to provide this advice to the higher risk groups within our communities. These are predominantly the elderly, those living alone, single parents, people with mental health issues, the disabled, young & older drivers.

As a Service we are committed in becoming a Dementia friendly community We have Dementia champions & these champions are rolling out the Dementia friends training across Powys. We have created Dementia Friendly stations & personnel at 9 stations in south Powys with 135 firefighters becoming dementia friends.

We are looking to create safer environments for all Communities  in Powys & we supply & fit smoke alarms when we carry out our home fire safety checks. These checks are free of charge & take around 30 to 40  minutes to complete. We give advice on how to reduce the risk of fire in your home, night time routines, escape plans & provide equipment to assist you to stay safe from fire in the home. This equipment is not just limited to a smoke alarm we have fire retardant bed clothes, bedding, throws, stand-alone sprinkler systems & more.

For a FREE home fire safety check please call us on 08001691234 or go online www.wales.gov.uk/fire


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