Mountain Rescue 'Dementia-Friendly' Exercise

On Wednesday evening last week, Rhiannon Davies and Neil Evans, both active in making Brecon a dementia-friendly community, took part in a simulated training exercise at the request of Brecon Mountain Rescue team.

Neil played role of an 82 year old gentleman living with dementia who had not returned home following his usual daily walk along the Promenade. Rhiannon was his concerned daughter who reported him missing and stayed with the BMRT Search Manager, Martin Gregory, throughout giving him background information about her father which might give them clues as to his whereabouts.

One of the four search teams found Neil after an hour and a half, sitting under a hedge in a field about a mile from the Prom. When approached he spoke to them in his first language, Welsh, which came as something of a surprise to everyone. Da iawn, Neil!

A similar simulated exercise took place last year, and it is hoped it can be repeated on an annual basis. ‘Being part of the exercise and seeing how well everything was handled was both impressive and reassuring’, said Rhiannon. ‘A great commitment from BMRT, and an excellent example of partnership working.’

Rhiannon is pictured below with the Brecon Mountain Rescue Team.





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