Singing for Life

In collaboration with Sarah Harman, an experienced  voice practitioner, Brecon Dementia Friendly Community is applying for project funding from the Arts Council of Wales, to set up a music project in Brecon – Singing for Life:

Singing for Life is a pilot project involving song and music to engage people with dementia and their carers in creative activities, to stimulate memory and involve them in their local communities. The project will run alongside Dementia Friends awareness sessions, and will include three strands of work.  Please follow the link below to find out more about this exciting project.

Strand 1 - People with early-stage dementia:  This will involve people with a recent diagnosis and their carers in regular, weekly, singing sessions at the Muse in Brecon. These sessions are designed to stimulate memory and help support continued engagement within the community

Strand 2 - People with later-stage dementia:  This will involve working in partnership with Morgannwg House, a care home specialising in dementia care based in the centre of Brecon.  A series of Music and Memories sessions will take place within the care home. These will include use of songs, objects and pictures to stimulate memory, discussion and engagement.  Care home staff will be offered training, and will be involved at all stages of the project, to ensure continuity between and after sessions. 

Strand 3 - Carer training and support:  This will involve working with a small group of local carers living at home with people with dementia, to explore ways of using music to stimulate memory and connection. Working with relatives, and using i-Pods, we will explore the use of familiar songs and music which resonates with each individuals life's journey.

The project will be supported by local volunteers. The outcome will be shared as widely as possible to show the potential and benefits.

We expect to hear from the Arts Council within the next 6 weeks. Watch this space for further updates!

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