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Brecon Area Dementia Friendly Community You Tube channel

Sound Memories Radio - click here to find out all about this exciting dementia friendly radio initiative.

Brecon Area Dementia Friendly Community Guide for Businesses and Retail - click here

Joan Bakewell on the BBC - Suppose I Lose it?

In this BBC programme Joan Bakewell discusses the issues surrounding dementia and interviews her old friends Prunella Scales and Timothy West.  Click here to watch.

Powys Teaching Health Board - FALLS PREVENTION link - click here

Best Home Adaptations to Help Manage Dementia - click here to read about a range of adaptations that can help to manage dementia at home.  The information is provided by Household Quotes

Innovations in Dementia - Getting Along Programme

Getting Along is a programme that supports couples to address changes in their relationship that might be brought about by a dementia.  Click here for full details.

The aims were:

  • To address both sides of the care-giving relationship.
  • To explore a new approach that can start to provide practical support even whilst diagnostic tests are still ongoing.
  • To examine learning specific learning needs of front line community-based staff.



Brecon and District MIND offer a wide range of activities including art groups, outdoor activities, cookery, creative writing and pottery either in our Brecon premises or at one of our outreach projects. Activities are open to any member of the community in need of support with their mental well-being including those with dementia.  Please contact the office on 01874 611529 or [email protected] for further information.   Or visit the website at:

Health Promotion Library for Wales

Click here to access an extensive collection of literature and publications relating to dementia that are FREE to borrow.

Care Council for Wales - Learning Resource for the Social Services Well-Being (Wales) Act 2016.  Learning resource for individual workers, manager and trainers - click here to access the resource.

From the Alzheimer's Society - Reduce your Risk of Dementia

Sixteen things I would want ....

Click here to link to Purple Elephant and Rachael Wonderlin's Sixteen Rules for those living with or caring for someone with dementia.

Complete Legal Guide to Dealing with Dementia

Click here to download a complete legal guide to dealing with dementia produced by legal firm Wright Hassall.  To visit their website, click here.

Mid Powys Mind Dementia Support Services

Click here for details.


Playlist for Life

If you have dementia, the music that has been meaningful in your life,  even TV themes or Christmas carols, can make you feel better.  Having access to that music on an Ipod means it is available for you any time, night or day.  Research has shown that music can help alleviate dementia symptoms, such as anxiety or agitation reducing the need for medication.  Click the here to find out about Playlist for Life, an organisation dedicated to bringing the power of music to those living with dementia and their carers.  Or click here to download their PDF showing how you can make your own Playlist for Life.

House of Memories

Joan Brown, the Liverpudlian on our Steering Group, has introduced us to an award-winning app, House of Memories, created by Liverpool Museums.    We think it is well worth sharing!

Arts Alive Wales

Click here to find out about a host of wonderful, creative and inspiring courses and events being run in conjunction with Arts Alive Wales!

Dementia Friendly Swansea

Click here to visit Dementia Friendly Swansea's website.  You may also find this website helpful - Dementia Challengers.  A host of helpful information for those living with dementia, their families and their carers.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

There are a number of ways that you can plan your care for the future; collectively this is called ‘advance care planning’. The purpose is to allow you to make choices and decisions about your future care, in case there is a time when you cannot make decisions for yourself (known as lacking mental capacity). This can ensure that a person you have chosen has the power to act on your behalf in situations you have agreed, and that you aren’t given treatment that you don’t wish to receive.
Click here to download a simple guide, or click here to visit the Alzheimer's Society website for guidance on LPAs.


Sharing Personal Information
The Alzheimer's Society have produced a small booklet to give help and advice to those caring for someone with dementia where personal information has to be shared with other organisations.  Click here to visit the Alzheimer's Society website and access the booklet.


Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards
Click on the following link to find out more about this complex area with views put forward in the Journal of Dementia Care in September 2015:


Dementia Information for Children, Teenagers and Young Adults
A third of children know someone with dementia.  The Alzheimer's Society provides a host of helpful information for young people, parents, teachers and youth leaders.  Click here to visit the Alzheimer's Society website and read their helpful pages.


Dementia_Adventure_logo.jpg        Holidays!   Dementia Adventure – New Holidays for 2016

Dementia Adventure Holidays are designed specifically for people living with dementia, their carers, family or friends to enjoy together.  To find out about the wide range of holidays available click here to visit Dementia Adventure’s website.


Do you work in a care home, or have a family member who lives in a care home setting? Alive! is a charity that is dedicated to improving the quality of life of older people in care.  Check out their website for ideas for activities.


Brecon Library has so much to offer and they strive to make all of their activities fully inclusive.  Those living with dementia and their carers and friends are all welcome. For poetry, click here.  For Storytelling, click here.  If you love to knit click here.  For booklovers, click here.  All welcome.

Brecon Library also has a collection of books selected specifically to support people with dementia, their carers, relatives and friends - Access the collection by following the link below.

The list includes clinically approved sources of information about the experience of dementia, and practical guidance for people living with the condition. There are also some wonderful books from the ‘Pictures to Share’ series, designed to be accessible and entertaining for people in mid to late stages of dementia – they are lovely books for people to browse and reminisce with, and family and friends also find them useful as talking points and a great way to share and remember with friends and loved ones.


FEELWELL - Inclusive Dance and Exercise

Discover the benefits of gentle dance and exercise with classes suitable for the absolute beginner and more mature participants.  Wynona Kaspar, who runs the classes says "My own life changed drastically when I discovered Zumba at the age of 55 - I used to be quite a couch potato, and although I had dabbled a bit in Yoga and going to the gym I would never have dreamed of making any effort. Now I feel fitter and more flexible than at any time before in my life and I just want to pass on the joy of feeling strong, energetic and mobile - and having fun with it at the same time."  Click here to visit Wynona's website and find details of classes in both Brecon (The Muse) and Talgarth (Town Hall).



Stairlift Reviews



Tuck Sleep is a community devoted to improving sleep hygiene, health and wellness through the creation and dissemination of comprehensive, unbiased, free web-based resources. Tuck has been referenced by Well + Good, Shape, Smithsonian Magazine, Harvard University and by many sleep organizations across the web.  

Welsh Government and Public Health Wales

Welsh Government and Public Health Wales Advice Leaflet on reducing the risk of dementia.  To download a copy of Dementia: Reduce your Risks in 6 Steps click here

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