Volunteers Needed for Walking Event!

"A major walking event is being organised across Wales in aid of Alzheimer's Society and we could really do with your local support!" says Rebecca Walker of the Welsh1000Walk Team.

The Welsh1000 walk is a major fundraising event taking place on 16 April 2016. There will be 72 separate walks, all happening on the same day, which will completely circumnavigate Wales.

It's a straight £25 join-up fee with an option to raise more money if people can and, as the event is being organised entirely by volunteers, all the money goes directly to Alzheimer's Society.  Each walk is being led by an experienced walker and each route is graded so people can choose the walk that's right for them. 

Do you think there is a way you can help us encourage people to sign-up to the walks? Either via email to your local supporters or posters in your area (we can email you a copy to print off or send you a few in the post)? Or do you have any local walking groups that might be interested in joining up?

There has been some good media coverage and people like Julia Bradbury and Derek Brockway have been retweeting the event. 

Any local knowledge would help enormously. As mentioned, we're all volunteers who have been touched by dementia in some way, and this is all being organised around the day jobs!  

Find out more information at the website:   www.thewelsh1000walk.com  or call Rebecca Walker on 07973 194363. 


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