Welsh Baccalaureate



As part of their Welsh Baccalaureate Community Challenge, three Brecon High School students, David Penn, Keegan Williams and Prashant Rana undertook some fundraising activities to raise money for the Brecon Area Dementia Friendly Community.

They were required to devote 30 hours, (including planning), to the Community Challenge, and they used the time to explore possible ways of raising funds. Following the planning stage, they held a non-uniform day for the 6th Form which raised £40. They followed this up with collections in Bethel Square and in school which raised in excess of £30.

I asked these students why they had chosen Dementia as the focus of their efforts, and they explained that it came about as David’s late grandmother had Dementia, and Keegan and Prashant, having attended a Dementia Awareness Session that I delivered some time ago in Brecon High School, had been affected by what they learnt and were keen to do something to help.

It was a real pleasure to meet these three lovely young Dementia Friends, and to accept the funds that they had raised on behalf of the DFC. I wish them well in all that they strive for in the future; they are a credit to their school and to our Dementia Friendly Community.

Joan Brown

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